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Shortbus Ocean Team - Alex Sheckells

alexsheckells.jpgAlex Sheckells

Age: 15

Hometown: Summers in Outer Banks, School in Maryland

Occupation: High school student, but also snowboarder, skim boarder, surfer :) I want to be a marine biologist in shark research and conservancy. 

Surfing for: 8 years

Shortbus Board: Custom 51.75" x 20". Either Lighthouse Surf Accessories, Freak or Octopus all the way!  

Shout Outs: Big shoutouts to my parents, grandparents and brother. Also to Skim USA (and huge thanks for selecting me for the SkimUSA Team 2019),  Shortbus Boards Co, Alley Oop Skim, Eelsnot & Lighthouse Surf Accessories. I have the best sponsors and support!


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