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Shortbus Lake Team - Kyle Austin

kyleaustin.jpgKyle Austin

Age: 35

Hometown/Home Lake: Mineral, VA / Lake Anna

Occupation: Auto Body Tech

Wakesurfing for 10 years

Shortbus Board(s): 4'4" Carbon Pro Skim and a 4'4" Chubbernaut Surf

Kyle says: I started wakesurfing for fun and really grew into the sport when I had the ability to customize a board to my exact specifications and that is where Shortbus came along and really turned my riding around for the better. My best trick is doing 12 360s simultaneously. I'm currently working on getting my shuvs consistant every time so I can progress into the world of bigspins and switch tricks. My Carbon Pro Skim has been what's helped me progress more and more over the years. The sheer speed and power this board has is unprecedented to any other style brand I've tried. 

Shout Outs: To my amazing wife for letting me go surfing all the time!




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