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Shortbus Lake Team - Adriane Ohrum

adrianeo.jpgAdriane Ohrum

Age: 45

Hometown/Home Lake: East Berlin, PA / Lake Meade & The Susquehanna River

Occupation: Social Media Educator

Wakesurfing for 10 years

Shortbus Board(s): 4'4" Chubbernaut Surf with custom FCS rear nubster boxes

Adriane says: After going to a wakesurf demo event in 2015 that blew me away, I realized how much you could actually do on a surfboard behind a boat.  I've been competing ever since, and this year, I am closing my competitive career at the 2019 World Wakesurfing Championships in Utah.  I am really looking forward to getting back to 100% free riding and not focusing as much on competition runs.  The people I have met in this sport have become some of my closest friends and I would not change a thing!!

Shout Outs: To all the people who have supported me as a rider, both competitively and who just love to go out and riiiide.  You all know who you are!! 




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