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Outer Banks Skim Report - Shortbus Skimboards

Shortbus Outer Banks Skim Report 4/14/2014

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Hey this is mitchell with your shortbusskims outer banks skim report. South winds kicking up a little harder today making it difficult for waves to stay clean. Forecast is calling for choppy conditions for the next few days aswell. A plus is that the water is extremely warm down south and the northern beaches are also feeling some of the warmth. If you get a chance to get out and find something fun, then shoot us an email with a shot. 

Thanks for checking the shortbusskims obx skim report.

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Shortbus Outer Banks Skim Report 3/20/2014

Hey this is mitch with your shortbusskims outer banks skim report. Head high plus, clean surf today down in buxton and all along the outer banks shoreline. Grab your surf and get on it if your trying to take a swim. If your trying to skim on the other hand there should be a reform [...]

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Alex getting some exposure.


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Boardwalk Blowup 2014

Get your entry forms in for the 2014 Boardwalk Blow-up this year. With less than a month away from the first contest of the 2014 season make sure to be ready for it. Shortbus Skimboards will be present with Willy Cunard and Dylan Dobson and more of the Shortbus crew competing in the professional, semi-pro [...]

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