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Well, this is how it all started.

There was this ding guy (that was sometimes the polisher, the fin guy, the hotcoater), but mostly a ding guy.  That guy was me, Curtis Cromwell, the creator of Shortbus Skims. With repairing a few skimboards here and there, I started to think, “Man, I can build these”. But at the time, skimming was not that big in Cape Hatteras. Then, a few more boards started showing up to be fixed. So, I got up with Stephen Schank, a friend and local Kiteboard builder. He was building one of the lightest and most durable kiteboards on the market (Shout out to Aggression Kiteboards). I decided to pick his brain and see if I could use that cutting edge kiteboard technology to build a better skimboard. After building a few, perfecting the method and deciding on a name, Shortbus Board Company was born.


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